Aims and Ethos

Northfield School is a school for up to 60 secondary age children who have been statemented as having Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD). The philosophy of Northfield is to provide high quality education designed to develop students to their full potential academically, socially and vocationally. What is different about the education at Northfield is its focus on the individual rather than the class, group or academic subject. Students follow the full National Curriculum. Any differences lie not in the content or aims and objectives; but in the methods and styles of delivery, ethos of the school, school and class size, and the nature of the environment itself.  All of which are child centred, designed to provide every student with the structure, security and success required to build confidence and self-esteem in preparation for adult life. Northfield endeavours to provide a safe environment in which students can learn and offers the opportunity through the close relationships with staff and named child protection officer to safeguard students welfare.

   Admissions to the School

Students are referred to the school after the completion of a Multi-Professional Assessment when it is considered that the student would benefit from the facilities provided by Northfield School.

The admissions panel meets once a term and the student’s papers are submitted to the panel where they will be considered for a place in the school.  If a place is then offered, the education officer for the student will be informed and they will notify the parent/carer.  The parent/carer will be asked to make an appointment to visit the school with the student and to discuss with the Headteacher an appropriate start date.  A residential place is offered if it is felt that the student’s education would benefit from staying at the House.

   Education Programmes

There is an expectation that all students will attend school full time.  There will be some students who cannot cope with this and on some occasions, a student may be placed on part time attendance or an off site package.  The school does endeavour to ensure that as soon as is possible, students are back on full time programmes.  At key stage 4 these programmes may include some college links or work related learning.


Northfield+ is small unit based at Northfield House for some students who are failing to thrive or engage on the main site.  The reasons for this will be individual to each student.  They will receive their education at Northfield+ and will have a bespoke package to try to help them re-engage.  For some of these students there will be the possibility of reintegration to the main school site, but for others, the programme of study at Northfield+ will be for the remainder of their education.

   Code of Conduct

The school aims to promote good pastoral relationships between students and their tutorA student is placed into a carefully selected tutor group in either Key Stage 3 or 4 depending on their age.  The form tutor will be the first point of contact for a parent wishing to discuss their child.  Teaching Assistants are valuable members of the team and are well placed to offer individual support to a student within a classroom setting or, if appropriate, work on a one to one basis with a young person needing a very high level of support. 

Students at Northfield have the right to an education which offers them the best opportunity to attain their potential.  Teachers and classroom assistants are here to create the circumstances for this to happen.  It is the right of every person here to do these things without being hindered by others. In order for this to happen, it is essential that every one of us follow the instructions below

If a student does not behave appropriately the member of staff will follow the procedure

1.  They will ask the student to stop behaving as they are. 

2.   They will point out to the student that if they don’t stop they will lose points on their daily report sheet. 

3.   They will inform the student that if the behaviour continues they may be withdrawn from class. 

4.    They will call for support and have the student removed from class


Be in class on time

Remain in class all lesson

Complete work set

Be in uniform

Have a note if they are out of class

Respect others and their property

Carry and fill in a report sheet

Address Staff property

Act in a manner, which does not endanger you or others

Remain on the School Site

Remove outdoor clothing

Work together



Use verbal abuse

Use physical violence

Endanger themselves or others

Disrupt others education

Play truant

Use threatening behaviour

Steal or damage property

Engage in sexual or racist behaviour

Have facial piercing 

Bring chewing gum to school


The School acts in association with the document “Searching, screening and confiscation - Advice for headteachers, school staff and governing bodies” - February 2014. If staff suspect a pupil has brought a prohibited item to school then they may be searched and the item confiscated.  Such items are:

mobile phones,

computer games

personal stereos


Lighters / matches




Phones are not permitted in school except for some Year 11 students who may bring them in as a privilege. Year 11 are permitted to bring them in to school providing:

  • they hand them in on arrival at school,
  • they walk to school or they are in a taxi on their own or they travel on public transport to school.

Student who share a taxi with other students or are not in Year 11 may not bring a phone to school. 

The school accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss of phones brought into school by students.

The school has developed its own rewards and sanctions programme.  An important part of this is the Privilege System.

Detentions during school time and after school may be given.  The Education Act 1997 gives schools legal backing to detain pupils after the end of a school session on disciplinary grounds without the consent of the parent. A school must, by law, give at least 24 hours' notice of a detention to the parent. Although the school must have regard to the availability of suitable travel arrangements after a detention, the responsibility for making those arrangements lies with the parent. The school does not have to pay.


Exclusions may be used and the head teacher reserves the right to take this action if necessary.


It may be necessary, on rare occasions, for physical intervention to be used.  This is an action of care and control used when the student is in danger of hurting himself/herself or others or putting themselves at risk, causing damage or interfering with good discipline.  All staff are fully trained.


Some students at Northfield have the opportunity for reintegration into mainstream schools.  Such decisions are made based on the performance of students in school and careful discussion with staff and parents. Reintegration is a gradual process and the student is fully supported by Northfield over a period of time.  It may be that if the placement is successful, the student will be taken onto the roll of the school.

   Special Needs
All the students at Northfield School have a statement of educational need.  There is a senior teacher at the school called the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).  Students who require support in the main school or a modified curriculum in any way are referred to them.  This would be for things such as:


·     Students with learning difficulties.

·     More able students.

·     Disaffected students.


Attached to the SENCO is an assistant who specifically assists with reading. There is also a team of TAs who are based in lessons to offer extra support.


There is a special needs policy in school available for parents upon request.

   Complaints / Contact with the School

If the parents/carers wish to discuss any aspect of the school, including Northfield House,ouse   H and its curriculum, then they are welcome to contact the school to make an appointment to see the appropriate member of staff or the Headteacher.

Contact with the school should firstly be with the Form Tutor, then the Assitant Head, followed by the Deputyhead and finally the Headteacher.

If the issue is a complaint, then the following procedure should be followed. The first stage when there is a complaint is to contact a member of staff.  They will meet the parents to discuss their concerns and attempt to resolve the situation.  A further meeting may be necessary with Head (together with a member of staff, if appropriate). The second stage, when, after discussion, the parents are still not satisfied they may make representations to a Committee of the Governors.  Where this fails to resolve the matter, then there is another Governors Committee to hear an Appeal. Finally, if each of the stages fails, then parents may make representations to Oxfordshire County Council.


Northfield School staff are here to help you and they have a right to expect that their school is a safe place in which to work.   

No member of staff should be required or feel obliged to deal with any person(s) either face to face, over the phone or in correspondence, who is exhibiting threatening, abusive or violent behaviour. Any form of abuse, verbal or physical will not be tolerated.

Prompt and appropriate action will be taken if staff are subjected to abuse, threats or violence by any visitors to the school site or on school premises.

Such action will include:

  • Terminating abusive phone calls
  • Asking abusive or threatening visitors to leave the site
  • Issuing a banning order from school premises
  • Informing the police 

We are all here to work together and the staff will treat visitors with respect and they expect the same in return.

   Pupil Premium


Children on Free School Meals


Looked After

Children from Service families


No. of eligible pupils





Pupil premium funding received  £

£623x28= £17,444





We used our Pupil Premium on:

  • Contribution towards the cost of an individual tutor

  • Part paid for an Attendance and Engagement Officer to impact on the attendance of the target group

  • Part paid for two TA to offer reading interventions  

  • Part paid for an Out of School liaison Officer / outreach worker

  • Employment of a visiting home tutor

  • Enroll a student on the TRAX project

   School Day / Term Times

School Day

08.50 - 09.00

09.00 –10.00

10.00 –11.00

11.00 - 11.10

11.10 - 12.05

12.05 - 13.00

13.00 - 13.30

13.30 - 14.30




Lesson 1

Lesson 2


Lesson 3

Lesson 4


Lesson 5



These are available on the Oxfordshire County Council website however some inset days may vary.

   Holidays During Term Time

In order to try to improve attendance, it will only be in exceptional circumstances that the headteacher will authorise holidays during term time.